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Welcome to Team Castellan
 Casa Dei Campioni 

The home of Health, Fitness & Boxing, where pain IS gain, and you are encouraged & entitled to HIT something (boxing bags) 

Here champions representing all walks of life are made, based on their commitment, perseverance, passion, and Love of the Sport!

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To date we have endured what seems like a lifetime of lockdown with fatigue setting in. From what we have seen, most people have been either crazy busy or bored-to-tears.

  • For those that are bored to tears, an opportunity to train, box, destress, engage those dormant muscles, pump up the music, forget the outside world if only for an hour and focus on you. Release those endorphins and leave feeling energized & motivated.
  • For those that are not bored to tears but have been gainfully engaged & over worked – we would advise a double dose of the above. 

Add exercise to your daily routine, it is empowering, confidence building, health boosting & addictive– nothing like forming a positive “Get UP and GO” habit.

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Our workouts include ...

weight training, kettle bells, cardio, squats, lunges, pushups, sandbags, planking, medicine balls, slam balls, resistance bands, core conditioning, toning, boxing techniques & routines, shadow punching, aerobics and stretching.

Leading to...

weight loss, increased stamina, heightened levels of endurance, improved coordination, stress relief, an adrenaline and endorphin based “high”, but most importantly it leads to a healthier and stronger immune system.

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