Training & Classes

While gyms can now operate & welcome their members. The question remains: are clients ready to return?  Many preferring the personal and unique benefits offered by boutique gyms over large-scale ones 

Team Castellan Fitness Facility:

Provides members with a safe, up to the minute, hygienic facility alongside expert guidance, tailored workouts & individual attention 

Personal Attention - Professional Environment
  • Limited number of attendees at any given time 
  • Members only policy thus no large crowds or mass equipment usage
  • Varied exercise routines keeping you motivated, engaged, and fit
  • Elevated fitness levels via energized exercise routines
  • Professional, dynamic training facility
  • Operating on a month to month basis– no long-term contracts required
  • INnovative Offering
  • Exclusive hourly rental of gym facilities (Be it for: filming crews, adverts or should you simply wish to enjoy your own state of the art boxing gym)
  • Corporate Team Building Activities 
  • Brand Launches and Promotions
  • Celebratory Gift Cards be it a Birthday, Anniversary or a Motivational Train Together Fitness Gift Card
  • Birthday Innovations – is your child/grown up celebrating his or her birthday? Want to do something different that promotes health, social interaction while enjoying the great outdoors – We Can Assist! Engage with us to discuss a soccer, boxing, dance, or aerobics party. We have the facilities, equipment, trainers & personalized T shirts to make the Lockdown Birthday Stand Out for all the Right Reasons
  • Something You Haven’t Done Before – interested in boxing or perhaps keen to train, hit the bag & spar with a group of friends? We have the facilities and professional boxing trainers to facilitate your personal version of “Rocky” soundtrack, corner seats and all
  • Training Options
  • Outdoor Training Option (outdoor, open air training utilizing the gym’s up to the minute equipment and skilled personal trainers)
  • The Personal Option: one on one training offering personal and customized workouts aimed at achieving your goals while monitoring progress
  • Children are Welcome (parental permission required) under the instruction of our specialized personal trainers (experienced in training pre-teens and teens). 
  • The Shared Sessions: benefit from attentive, personalized training & tailored workouts, in a shared & enthused environment offering a cost-effective solution
  • Weekly indoor boutique classes 
  • Signature FIT outdoor classes
  • Contact us for a quotation
    Boxing Interval Intensity Training /Boxing Fitness Class (Full Body Workout)

    Taking place Wednesday mornings. Combining a shared (cost effective), pulsating environment with personal attention & a complete body workout 


  • Body toning through boxing
  • Bag work
  • Weight resistance training
  • Fitness elevation
  • Motor skill Development
  • Core Strengthening 
  • Limited number of attendees
  • Outdoor FIT Classes: combining power training, core strengthening and cardio routines

    Start the weekend on a FIT note, with a unique outdoor class, run by two elite trainers each focusing on different core areas. The class offers outdoor enthusiasts fresh air, outdoor activity, great vibes and plenty of exercise. 


  • Providing a dual anaerobic and aerobic workout
  • Core strengthening 
  • Varied workouts designed to motivate, engage & increase fitness levels 
  • High intensity interval training 
  • Limited number of attendees ensuring personal attention
  • Unique in its offering of two elite trainers in one class
  • Benefit from a wide range of skills, techniques & routines set by two elite trainers 
  • Ensuring an all-encompassing high calorie burning workout
  • Invigorating, pulsating, energized outdoor training
  • Boxing Fitness Classes 

    Due to popular demand we welcome back our Boxing Fitness Classes (boxercise). Reintroducing a weekly (6pm) Boxing Class led by our seasoned professionals.


  • Full body workout
  • Established, reputed & invigorating boxing class
  • Shadow boxing
  • Core strengthening 
  • Power training integrating weights. cardio & boxing
  • Bag work
  • Elevated fitness levels, high calorie burning
  • Personal attention
  • Limited number of attendees
  • Due to limited numbers, should you wish to attend one of our classes booking is essential.
    To find out more about our offering, please contact Shiri 076 33 33 428