Mick Castellan

Mick Castellan

Mick Started boxing at the age of 12, at the age of 19 he turned professional. In 1986 Mick was rated amongst the top 10 South African Boxers (Middle Weight Division).

In 1993 Mick traveled to the US where he honed his boxing skills and sparred with boxing greats such as Robbie Simms and Vinnie Pazienza at the prestigious Marvin Hagler Gym.

Mick started training professional boxers in 1995. In 1998 Mick opened his own gym (Boxercising Norwood) where he trained professional boxers, sportsmen and private individuals. Mick now operates from Waverly where the gym is aptly named Team Castellan!

Andrew Matabola


Andrew started boxing at the age of 12 and turned professional at the age of 19.

In 1995 Andrew became the South African Champion (Feather Weight Division) a title which he held for 4 consecutive years. Adding to his impressive list of achievements Andrew won the Old Buck Belt outright a great achievement in South African Boxing.He is also a former WBC International Boxing Champion.

In 2005 Andrew successfully completed a sports management course. Andrew has been training people for the past 10 years.

Kenneth Mabunda


South African amateur Champion Welter Weight 1997. With a professional boxing record of 4 wins/0 loses/0 draws

I’ve had the privilege to train many acclaimed World/South African Champions including: Phillip Ndou, Cassius Baloyi, Maruti Mtalane, Hawk Makepule, Silence Mabuza, Joseph Makaringe, Daniel Bruwer, Anton Nel and Macbute Sinyabe.

My boxing career took me abroad where I trained Champions and worked with world renowned trainers in England, USA, Mexico, France, Australia, Panama, Denmark and Sweden.


   Eric Nithieug


Eric Nithieug started Kung Fu being a combination of Boxing, Wushu, Tai-Chi , Kickboxing, Hands on Grappling. Eric has further gone on to educate himself in the arts of Yoga & Meditation. Knowing and understanding your body and its motions.
Eric has attended Many professional fights and never lost one, despite this he is still learning and honing his skills .
Eric obtained his diploma in exercises 2013 at the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy in Rivonia.

Eric is a member of South African Wushu Federation. Eric has been honing his craft and training people for many years at different levels.


Stanis Apanu 

Nickname: Mosquito.

Country of origin : Congo DRC.  Stanis is a professional  and international personal and boxing trainer.

Stanis started to Box in Congo at the young age of 10. He holds an incredible Amateur Fight record of: 4 losses , 5 Drews, and 29 Wins, 10 of them by KO. Earning him the prestige of being a 2 Times Congolese Champion. He then went onto becoming a Professional Boxer.  Having 13 international professional fight with 2 loses and 11 Wins, 4 of them by Knockout.  Stanis was rating number 6 in WBF when he fought for that belt and lost against France Ramabolu (2015).   Stanis an international personal trainer since 2011, holds a certificate of Competence Sport Management. Specializing in One on One Boxing & Fitness. His training includes:  Boxercise, Fitness Training, Team building, Weight Loss, Group Classes.

   Bongani Siwisa

Bongani Siwisa started Boxing at 10 in Cape Town and turned Professional in 2003 at the age of 18.

He won the 2001 and 2002 Western Cape Armature Championships.
He further won the South African Baby Champ in 2005 & the Western Cape Title 2005.

As a Champion many times over, Bongani started training individuals in 2010 when he moved to Joburg and has been doing so for the past 8 years. He has an excellent reputation and an ability to not only understand his clients needs but meet and exceed their expectations.

Zolani Mbelekane

Zolani Mbelekane,  started boxing at the age of 11 yrs. He had 101 amateur fight and turned professional at the of 18. In 1996 he won the Eastern Cape Title & in 2000 he Won Fighter of the Year.

Zolani, trains kids and adults alike, he runs a number of classes where he hosts up to 4 kinds in the technique of boxing, encouraging balance, core muscles and confidence. Zolani has been training clients for 9 years. His reputation, patience and encouragement speak for themselves. He takes great pride in his art and imparts this knowledge onto his keen athletes.

Peet Bothma

Peet (Petrus) Bothma, started boxing at the age of five, although he hated trainning he loved the sport and wanted to box. He persevered and went to box at the Discovery Ameteur Boxing Club. Taking part in tournaments since the age of 11. Between the ages of 11 and 15 he won numerous fights and  was awarded many amateur titles. In an unprecedented move Peet started fighting as a senior at the age of 15 (standard age being 17 – however Peet ran out of opponents whereby Amateur Boxing Federation allowed him to fight as a senior)

At 15 years of age Peet won the Western Transvaal title twice and the Transvaal title thereafter.

Peet joined the army, joining the parrabat unit, Peet won the prestigious South African Defence Championship. Later going on to win the South West African Championship. As a senior amateur Peet won 43 fights, 37 by KO.
After leaving the army Peet turned professional.  He had 53 professional fights, lost 13, won 40.
Peet went on to winning the SA Light Weight Title. Which he successfully defended five times.

Peet is a passionate, knowledgeable and accomplished boxer  and trainer. Who understands the importance of perseverance and determination. He enjoys passing this passion onto his clients who come to understand, respect and love his training.