Boxing & Power Classes



Boxercise Classes

Having introduced Boxercise classes into South Africa in the 90’s, we are experts in our field and have honed this strenuous workout, into a fun, social and rewarding experience.

This forty-five minute long class is on offer 5 times a week. If you want to get back into shape, maintain your fitness level, get seriously fit or strengthen your core, then this class is for you! The classes combine cardio, core and strength exercises as well as bag work.



Boxfit – Fresh, fun & funky

BoxFit is a low impact, high-energy workout that incorporates solid pad work, weight training and conditioning, cardio workout and core strengthening with an emphasis placed on boxing.

BoxFit is available on a one-to-one or group basis. BoxFit is the best stress buster and fat burner around. It is considered one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today. Helping you: increase your fitness and stamina, lose weight and tone up all at the same time, making it one of the most effective ways to exercise. BoxFit is a fun, motivational, safe, stress-busting workout which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (combined with Boxercising)


KDB – Kids Dynamic Box

Moms and Dads bring your children in for a Dynamic Boxing Session, the one on one training aims to assist your children to reach their optimal health and physical levels. This will  improve their hand eye coordination,  confidence levels and develop those all important social skills while having fun at the same time. It will allow them to interact in a social environment and build up a passion for sports!

Your instructor is well versed with the needs and physical abilities of your little ones and while they will be challenged, this will be done in a fun, controlled and at all times safe environment.


Personal One on One Boxing

Team Castellan has several trainers all from a professional boxing background who can train you on a one on one basis. The benefits of one on one training is having your own professional fighter train you! Your trainer understands your needs and goals while working at a pace that will ensure you achieve them. Whether you are fit or new to the sport your trainer will take this into consideration and tailor your workout accordingly.

The training regime is based on a professional boxers workout .This may include pad work, bag work, sparring, shadow boxing, floor exercises such as push ups, sit ups and plenty leg work (yes, I’m referring to lunges and squats). These workouts will differ over time to keep you on your toes (literally) thus avoiding repetitive routines.

Boxing improves your hand eye co-ordination and muscular strength, it further improves your cardio fitness and overall dexterity.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of releasing your tension by punching a bag, letting off steam and seeing if you have what it takes or just taking up something different – get in the ring with us.

If nothing else you’ll leave feeling alive, exhilarated, de-stressed and rather impressed at your ability to done gloves and throw a right hook..


To Bring: Towel, Water Bottle and above all a Positive Attitude! Gloves, Wraps provided.


For all bookings please email Mick Castellan on: